A Sensitive Development

No trees would be lost in the Ancient Woodland as a result of the development. However, it would be necessary to remove some trees outside of the Ancient Woodland boundary.

Our landscape architects are proposing to compensate for the loss of trees within the development site with newly planted native tree species, alongside native shrub and hedge planting.

The new trees would be semi-mature and provide substantial landscape impact at the time of planting and would range from 5m to 9m in height when planted.

Hambledon Land is acutely aware of the sensitivity of views to the site, particularly at night-time. The lighting proposals for the site therefore seek to utilise low level bollard lighting as far as possible. Where low level bollard lighting is not suitable it is proposed to use lighting which directs light downwards to reduce light spill.

Image showing aerial view of the proposals

Green initiatives

Wycombe Summit would provide a number of green initiatives including:

  • Solar panels for all properties
  • Air Source Heat Pumps at each property
  • Biodiverse Green Roofs on the four bed houses and the apartment buildings
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage, including swales in the Glade

Views to the site

Hambledon Land is acutely aware of the sensitivity of views to the site from the opposite side of the valley and this was a key consideration throughout the design process.

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) has been undertaken to support the planning application. The LVIA includes photomontages from viewpoints agreed with the Council. The photomontages show the existing view, the view after the first year and the view after ten years, when landscaping has been established. Draft copies of the photomontages were available at the public drop-in session and final versions are included in the submitted LVIA. As well as the photomontages, the LVIA considers the views to the site from additional locations, including locations suggested by officers and during the public consultation.

Whilst the development would be visible from the north, we believe the impact would not be significant and would fit appropriately within the existing landscape. Any impact would also be balanced by the clear benefits of removing the redundant matting and ski slope infrastructure which will be replaced with attractive chalk grassland. In addition, new planting, including the native scrub and tree thicket at the top of the former dry ski-slope, would assist with the visual integration of the proposals.

Copies of the photomontages have been submitted as part of the planning application, and can be provided at the appropriate scale by contacting us on 0800 080 3178 or via email at wycombesummit@hambledonland.co.uk.